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We build for the love of it


Our builds are meant to save you some money. DIY is meant to save cost and get you something you want.

Material Lists

Our tutorials will give you every tool that you need to complete the job, down to the count of screws.

Tool Recommendations

We give you the recommended tool for the job. We try to use all RYOBI products when available.

Our Amazing Build Team

The team that makes the dream come alive


Master Builder

Adam started building about 2 years ago and has continually progressed his skills to the highest levels.


Design Specialist

Bringing her great design eye to the team, Shayna has been able to help guide our style with color and zazz.


Product Tester

No product development team can bring something to Paisley that cannot be broken, colored or any other scenario.


Wood Destroyer

Although she is a herding dog she knows how to gloriously destroy anything in her path which makes us redesign.

Changing the Curtains

Do you have dogs or a little one that seems to get into everything including your garden or flowers? We have this issue so in the spur of a moment thought on a Sunday morning we decided to clear our a space in our backyard that was not being used and build a raised planter for something awesome to grow. So as we sat in the Lowes parking lot to determine our budget for this project, I was able to do a quick sketch to determine what amount of material I would need for the box. Let us tell you for a parking lot sketch the project came out AMAZING!!!

After we purchased all of our materials, compost and flowers/strawberry plants from Lowes the construction began, with Shay starting on the dirt in the backyard I was able to pre build most of the box in the shop, and them move it to the backyard to begin assembling all of the long pieces. Having prebuilt mostly all of the underlying construction before we went into the sun was a great idea, it kept us calm, cool, and collected as the temperature started to heat up. All of the dirt work was easy, rakes and shovels were all that was needed. We also had an advantage of other old flower beds that were were taking down to get soil to fill the beds from.


DIY'ers Builds

See what people from all over the world are completing in the Farmhouse decor styling scene. This area you can view ideas and builds from all over the world with the click of a button.